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How To Strategically Power Ahead In Unprecedented Times

Discover Surprising Clarity To Confidently Lead & Energize Your Team

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About This Course

This course helps enterprising distribution managers, VPs, and executives confidently make strategic decisions now, so they can return to profitable growth before their competitors and seize long-term competitive advantages without the stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm caused by this current crisis.

Confidence, Energy, & Alignment

Is it possible in just three short weeks, to cut through the fog of today’s COVID driven uncertainty, to actually make sense of your world and align your team around a strategic direction that goes far beyond today’s crisis driven day-to-day?

It is!

During this virtual and interactive course, Dirk Beveridge will introduce a series of inter-connected thinking tools that will take you step-by-step through the disruptions changing the rules of your business.  You will compare your analysis to those of others in the course, and ultimately prioritize those that will have an enduring effect on profit opportunities for your business.

We will also provide specific guidance so you can compare your organization’s current capabilities against what your customers, employees, and/or suppliers will value on the other side of this pandemic.  You will then be given a process to take these insights, unique to your business, and define a sequence of moves that builds new capabilities for profitable success.

The course will conclude with you mapping out your change management process and communication plan so that your entire team is – like you – confident, energized, and certain of your enduring success.

And here is the thing … you won’t be alone.  We are breaking new ground in how this course will be facilitated so that you can share with and learn from other smart, non-competing distribution leaders.

What’s Included In This Course

45 Course Videos Produced For Bite-Sized Learning

Timely, Relevant Daily Thoughts From Dirk

An Integrated 21 Day Success Path To Guide You

4 Bonus Unleash Innovation
Summit Videos

Interaction With Fellow Bootcamp Members

A Repeatable Process You’ll
Use For Years

12 Thinking Tools With Multiple

3 Live Office
Hours Meetings
With Dirk

Forever Access To The Course Curriculum

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Energize & Align Your Team Around Profit Opportunities
Confidently Power Ahead With A Strategic Sequence Of Moves
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